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Case Study

AR | Brain Injury | South East

32 year old gentleman presenting with reduced mobility, balance and upper limb function after sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2012. Prior to injury, fit, sporty, studying at college. Initial period of rehabilitation at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East in 2014-2018. Re-referred in 2022 for ongoing outpatient Physiotherapy input.

Main Areas Affected

• Right sided weakness and spasticity
• Reduced balance and gait deficits
• Fatigue and reduced endurance
• Right sided visual neglect
• Cognitive communication difficulties

Functional Ability on Admission

• Walking with 4 wheeled-walker with supervision
• Minimal higher level functional sole use of right upper limb
• Assistance required with personal activities of daily living
• Limitations to sporting interests/hobbies (quality and endurance)

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• Physiotherapy – weekly outpatient sessions 2022-present
• Occupational therapy
• Rehabilitation Consultant review
• Spasticity MDT management (including Botulinum Toxin treatment)
• Liaison with Personal Trainer and Clinical Massage Therapist
• Referral and joint review with Orthotist at Hobbs Rehabilitation Winchester (John Florence Orthotics)

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Able to write legibly with right hand – able to write own Christmas cards
• Can walk short distances unaided indoors with close supervision
• Independent with new aspects of personal care e.g. – applying own deodorant, dressing and household activities eg making hot drinks
• Integration of upper limb in non-verbal communication e.g. can now perform a handshake, gestures freely
• Increasing quality, performance and enjoyment in hobbies of Archery and Golf
• Can stroke his cat with right hand
• Can put shoes on and off and tie own laces


Berg Balance Scale
7.5% Improvement
Motor Assessment Scale
62.5% Improvement
Modified Ashworth Scale
Overall Reduction in Spasticity, Improvement


To take part in the Superhero Triathlon mid distance cycle
To be able to put on his hat and glasses independently
To be able to perform a handshake greeting with right hand


All the team at Hobbs in Liss are lovely. They have really helped me throughout the years and continue to help me with my rehab each week. I enjoy the time spent with them as they always try their best to make my rehab as fun as possible, with lots of encouragement and support.
Highly recommend Hobbs for anyone looking for rehabilitative support.
Thank you to all the staff.

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