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Long-Term Neurological Conditions

Rehabilitation for Long-Term Neurological Conditions

Long-term neurological conditions involve various symptoms following injury or disease of the nervous system that will affect an individual long-term. Whether stemming from conditions like Parkinson’s disease or motor neurone disease, these prolonged neurological challenges require specialised care and rehabilitation to help individuals manage symptoms, enhance their quality of life and regain a sense of independence. 

Evidence shows that high intensity and high levels of repetition of an activity enhance neuroplastic change and can therefore improve outcomes. We work with our patients to design a bespoke multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme to suit their individual needs and desired outcomes.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Suitable for individuals who require intensive and focused care, who are not yet ready to return home after discharge from hospital.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Suitable for individuals who do not require continuous medical supervision and can visit any of our centres; Intensive rehabilitation is available at specific locations.

Community Rehabilitation

Suitable for individuals transitioning from inpatient rehabilitation and those whose health condition prevents them from visiting any of our centres.

Physiotherapist assisting patient during a Parkinson's Disease (neurological conditions) exercise group activity


Parkinson's Disease

Treatment and rehabilitation of both motor and non-motor symptoms


Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Treatment and services to help manage symptoms and maximise quality of life.


Motor Neurone Disease

Help to improve functional independence and quality of life.


Multiple Sclerosis

Individualised rehabilitation that addresses specific needs and challenges.

If you’re unsure or do not see your neurological condition listed please get in touch and our practitioners will guide you to the best course of treatment.

Neurological Services for Long-Term Conditions

Hobbs Rehabilitation provides a multidisciplinary service for long-term conditions to help ensure that every individual can reach their full potential.

Hydrotherapy Icon 2 | Hobbs Rehabilitation

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Utilise the water environment to help restore movement, enhance muscle strength and improve balance.

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Clinical Neuropsychology

Address cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes that can result from a long-term condition.

Exercise Group icon | Hobbs Rehabilitation

Exercise Groups

Elevate your rehabilitation journey by staying active with our groups and additional activities.

Music Therapy Icon | Hobbs Rehabilitation

Neurological Music Therapy

Achieve physical, cognitive and emotional rehabilitation goals by engaging with music.

Neurotechnology Icon 2 | Hobbs Rehabilitation


Increase the number of repetitions to unlock your potential with cutting-edge technology.

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Occupational Therapy

Guiding individuals with a long-term condition to maintain their independence and address challenges in daily life.

Orthotics Icon | Hobbs Rehabilitation


Providing support and correction, addressing mobility, promoting proper posture and enhancing gait.

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Improve balance and mobility and enhance muscle strength while reducing stiffness and pain.

Rehab Assistant Icon New | Hobbs Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Assistant

Supporting exercises and daily activities, guided by our therapists to enhance progress and well-being.

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Rehabilitation Medicine

Maximise functional independence and elevate quality of life with a specialist consultant.

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Speech and Language

Help with speech, swallowing, written communication and non-verbal expression.

More Repetitions + Shorter Timespan = Better Results

Intensive rehabilitation available at specific locations.

How Our Expert Team Can Assist You

Symptoms vary widely for long-term neurological conditions based on many different factors such as the nature, intensity and progression of the condition, therefore our treatment plans are designed to address the specific symptoms and needs of each individual.

Attention and Concentration

Behavioural Changes

Balance and Coordination

Cognitive Impairments

Foot Drop

Mobility Limitations

Muscle Weakness

Speech and Communication

Swallowing Difficulties

Patient entering details onto an enquiry form on a laptop

Enquire today about any of our services or packages

Team member on the telephone at a computer

You will be contacted to determine your needs and assessment location

Physiotherapist and patient sat facing towards each other, participating in an assessment consultation

Your therapist will recommend the best course of treatment

Patient sat at a desk using the DIEGO with a gamified steering wheel and game on a screen

Once you have booked you will be ready to start your treatment plan.

What to Expect

During the assessment, your therapist will discuss your clinical history and recommend the best treatment course. Our intensive rehabilitation packages, which achieve better results in a shorter time span, can be suitable for some people with long-term neurological conditions. Your therapist will discuss which therapy is best suited to your condition as well as consider your needs and personal goals and refer you to our wider multidisciplinary team when required.

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