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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps you regain control over your life at home, work and everywhere else. It’s all about being able to do the things you want and has to do. We work alongside people that have been affected by neurological conditions to achieve their maximum level of function when carrying out everyday activities. Our Occupational Therapists work closely to assess your current strengths and requirements and tailor individual programmes to your needs and specific goals. 

Combining Hands-on with Neurotechnology

Hobbs Rehabilitation combines the application of specialist hands-on techniques with the latest in neurotechnology. Neurotechnology can be a very useful adjunct to your rehabilitation programme and can significantly enhance the results you achieve by creating neuroplastic changes through high levels of repetition. Our therapists formulate and implement individual treatment programmes based on your individual needs and goals and their comprehensive knowledge of evidence-based practice. 


Hobbs Rehabilitation has multiple centres where occupational therapy is provided. Our therapists across these sites have their own clinical expertise in specialist areas of neurological practice. The type of assessment and intervention include:

  • Neurotechnology
  • Upper-limb recovery
  • Cognition and cognitive rehabilitation
  • Visual and perceptual challenges
  • Mobility and transfers
  • Fatigue management
  • Persistent concussion symptom management
  • Individualised goal setting for your specific circumstance
  • Functional task practice
  • Splinting
  • Sleep hygiene

As part of a holistic assessment process, occupational therapists can identify and problem-solve any issues in your everyday living at home – this can be done while at any of our centres but sometimes it may be more suited in your home environment. Some of the things that occupational therapists can assess and provide advice on include:

  • Falls prevention
  • Indoor mobility
  • Bathing/showering
  • Domestic activities such as laundry, cooking and shopping
  • Review of wheelchair abilities
  • Memory and organisation strategies
  • Property access – getting into and around your environment safely
  • Education and provision of recommendations to manage your symptoms at home
  • Exercise programme and education for the family/carers on how to support this at home

Occupational Therapy for work life, also known as Vocational Rehabilitation, helps you identify the key skills needed for your role in employment and helps problem-solve to create a rehabilitation programme that addresses any barriers that prevent you from returning to work.

For example, if you were to sustain a traumatic brain injury and found that you had problems with memory, and concentration, and became increasingly tired which affected your ability to fulfil your role at work (and home life), our occupational therapists would identify strategies for fatigue management, modify work routines and complete a cognitive rehabilitation programme. They would work with your employers to facilitate a smooth transition back to work with necessary adjustments to meet your needs.

More Repetitions + Shorter Timespan = Better Results

Intensive rehabilitation available at specific locations.

Multidisciplinary Therapy Team

Hobbs Rehabilitation provides a multidisciplinary service to help ensure that every individual can reach their full potential

Clinical Neuropsychology

Emotions, thinking, behaviour and the brain

Occupational Therapy

Regain control over your life at home, work and everywhere else


Restore function and movement of joints, muscles and tendons

Speech and Language

Help with swallowing and communication difficulties

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What to Expect

During the assessment, your therapist will discuss your clinical history and recommend the best treatment course, considering your needs and personal goals and refer you to our wider multidisciplinary team when required.

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Every member of our therapy team is a highly skilled and fully qualified professional. They undergo background checks, hold registration with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), and are affiliated with appropriate professional bodies.

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