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Case Study

JD | Stroke | Blenheim Court

56 year old woman who was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome and then had a Stroke 4 days later (acute right sided frontoparietal bleed) in November 2022. She came to Hobbs Rehabilitation and stayed at Blenheim Court care home for 3 weeks from 18th September 2023 to participate in 3 weeks intensive rehabilitation.

Main Areas Affected

• Left sided weakness (upper and lower limb)
• Left lower limb distal sensory loss (foot)
• Left sided inattention
• Spasticity in left upper and lower limb
• Soft tissue shortening left upper limb (shoulder, wrist and fingers) and lower limb (ankle)
• Reduced mobility and balance (risk of falls)
• Mild higher level executive functioning (e.g. planning more complex tasks and learning new tasks)

Functional Ability on Admission

• Assistance of one carer 3 times a day to assist with washing, dressing, meal prep and other household tasks. Her husband would also assist in between the carer visits
• Unable to access upstairs bathroom or bedroom
• Unable to access or mobilise outdoors e.g. around local shops

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• Inpatient intensive rehabilitation at Blenheim Court care home for 3 weeks
• Use of some neurotechnology – LiteGait and OMEGO
• She mainly had physiotherapy and occupational therapy for 3 hours per day on average but she also had a review for speech and language and rehabilitation medicine consultations. She is coming back to our centre in December for a physiotherapy review/treatment session and to receive botox injections from our rehabilitation medicine consultant

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Improved confidence with walking. Reduced effort and better quality of walking
• Able to prepare simple meals and drinks independently
• Able to get herself washed and dressed independently
• Feels more confident to access her local shops to do some food shopping


Barthel Index for Activities of Daily Living
27% Improvement
10 Metre Walk Test
36% Improvement
Number of sit to stands in 1 min
180% Improvement


To feel more confident standing/stepping in barefoot
Increase confidence with walking outside and walking around the local shop
Increase independence with Activities of Daily Living such as preparing basic meals, hot drinks and cleaning


Very friendly and welcoming clinic. Everyone worked so well as a team to improve my walking technique and strength. I went to the supermarket, made my lunch which I have continued to do at home and I now wash and dress myself thanks to the occupational therapy team at Hobbs! After 3 weeks of intensive therapy I feel like a different person, and my confidence has really improved all round,

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