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Case Study

JE | Polytrauma | INC

39 year old female involved in a road traffic collision resulting in multiple injuries including a complex pelvic fracture affecting both left and right hip, left ankle tibia and fibula fracture, right clavicle fracture and right sided rib fracture. She was previously fit and well and active and enjoyed walking her dog daily. She was working as a finance manager and hoping to return to her job once she has recovered.

Main Areas Affected

• Weakness in lower limbs bilaterally
• Pain and reduced range of movement in hips bilaterally
• Foot drop on the right
• Reduced range of movement and stiffness left ankle
• Reduced cardiovascular fitness

Functional Ability on Admission

• Dependant on two elbow crutches for transfers
• Mobilising short distances with crutches only, using wheelchair for longer distances
• Unable to mobilise outdoors
• Unable to manage stairs

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• Neurological physiotherapy input at Hobbs Rehabilitation Intensive Neurotherapy Centre in Bristol
• Intensive outpatient rehabilitation, 60 hour package
• Use of technology, plinth based exercises, gait re-education and balance exercises alongside a home exercise programme

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Independently going up and down stairs
• Mobilising indoors unaided
• Mobilising outdoors unaided/with one crutch and increasing distance
• Increased static and dynamic balance
• Increased cardiovascular fitness
• Increased range of movement in ankles bilaterally resulting in improvement in gait quality


Timed Up and Go
83% Improvement
10 Metre Walk Test
59% Improvement
Harris Hip Score
84% Improvement


To be able to independently manage the stairs to be able to sleep upstairs
To be able to transfer in / out of the car in order to access the community
To be able to mobilise independently indoors without an aid


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