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Case Study

MK | Spinal Cord Injury | Oaksey House

32-year-old male sustained a C5 Spinal Cord Injury, ASIA C while taking a rugby tackle on 12th Feb 2022. He was treated in Southmead ICU, he did not require any surgical intervention. He had approx. 8 months of rehabilitation at Salisbury spinal unit before being discharged in December, he was then admitted to Hobbs Rehabilitation at Oaksey house in January 2023 for an intensive multidisciplinary, inpatient intervention.

Main Areas Affected

• Central Cord Syndrome and Brown Sequard Syndrome
• Bilateral increased tone, right side more than left into plantarflexion, inversion with secondary shortening
• Bilateral weakness – right side more than left
• Left sided altered sensation

Functional Ability on Admission

• Mobile with wheeled zimmer frame short distances up to 30m
• Help around the house from partner with meal prep, socks and shoes, household tasks, partner drives and assists in and out of car

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• Intensive package of multidisciplinary input of 60 hours over 3 weeks at Oaksey house
• Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical neuropsychology, aquatic physiotherapy, strength and conditioning input
• Conventional therapy in addition to neurotechnology including functional electrical stimulation

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Increase distance and speed of walking to 90m
• Independent lunchtime meal prep, gardening and some household chores
• Independent car transfers


11% Improvement
Timed Up and Go
38% Improvement
10 Metre Walk (with FES)
29% Improvement


To be independent getting in and out of a car
Sit to stand from a wheelchair without hands on a frame or surface in front
Increase walking distance to over 30m to allow walking to the car and then into a house without need for powered wheelchair


My independence has improved in all areas. I walk with increased confidence which has also helped my pace and tone. My tone management allows me to do more activities around the home. It makes me feel good knowing what I have achieved.

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