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Case Study

SC | Brain Injury | South East

British show jumper, fell during a training ride and kicked by her horse. She had a clear CT Brain and was diagnosed with concussion as well as bruising and lacerations to her face, neck and shoulders. 1 month post-injury she attended the Concussion Clinic at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, due to persistent symptoms of dizziness, nausea, headache, light and sound sensitivity, fatigue, irritability, and changes in sleep.

Main Areas Affected

It was identified that her persistent symptoms were due to multiple systems
• Neuro-inflammation / migraines
• Visual and vestibular system
• Neck and spine
• Autonomic nervous system dysfunction

Functional Ability on Admission

International show jumper who typically had a very busy schedule
• Unable to be around horses that she loves
• Unable to ride/train her horses
• Unable to drive/travel
• Unable to see friends/socialise

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• Neurological physiotherapy outpatient service providing vestibular rehabilitation
• Hands-on treatment for spinal dysfunction
• Graded exercise prescription to support her graded-return to riding
• Her rehab team included her family, a neurologist for migraine management, clinical massage therapist and personal trainer

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Full return to riding
• Selected for team GB
• Nominated as the “Leading Young British Rider of the Year 2023!”


Symptom Free Vestibular Testing
Resolution of Headaches


Returned to competitive show jumping
Able to go out and celebrate with her friends
Able to complete high intensity exercise without symptoms


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