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Case Study

WT | Spinal Cord Injury | Intensive Neurotherapy Centre

32-year-old male presenting with upper and lower limb weakness, sensory changes and spasticity following a C7-8 incomplete spinal cord injury in February 2021. Previously fit and well, sporty, active and worked as a quantity surveyor.

Main Areas Affected

• Reduced trunk control
• Upper and lower limb weakness
• Spasticity mainly affecting lower limbs

Functional Ability on Admission

• Postural hypotension limited standing upright against gravity for any length of time
• Required maximum support from either 2 therapists or a standing frame to stand
• Unable to chop vegetables or involve all fingers when typing on a computer
• Unable to reach for items outside of his base of support when sitting

Hobbs Rehabilitation Input

• 100 hour intensive neurotherapy package including physiotherapy and occupational therapy
• Ongoing outpatient appointments 2x weekly

Functional Ability on Discharge

• Returned to work
• Driving adapted car with independent transfers in/out of car
• Walking short distances at home with use of a zimmer frame and FES device
• Returned to cooking independently including finely slicing vegetables in the kitchen and being able to stand up to reach the top shelf in the fridge


10m Walk Test
100% Improvement
Unsupported Stand
259% Improvement
Cherokee Upper Limb Assessment
21% Improvement


To be able to finely slice onions (and has returned to being main cook within the household!)
To type thank you card involving all fingers
To explore standing (and is starting to explore walking outdoors!)


When I arrived I had no movement in my legs, we have worked and found much more movement and strength throughout my body. We’ve also worked on transfers and improved my routine and focuses when I’m at home. It’s been life changing for me, the physios are passionate and empowered, and help push your recovery

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