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Exercise Group

PD Warrior


10:30-11:30 & 11:30-12:30

South Wonston Pavilion, Lower Rd, South Wonston, Winchester SO21 3HP

PD warrior is an exercise based philosophy for those in the early to mid stages of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. It aims to target some of the main symptoms in order to help you to live well with Parkinson’s disease:

• Tremor
• Rigidity
• Bradykinesia
• Postural instability
• Balance issues and falls
• Post DBS

The most recent evidence for the management of Parkinson’s disease suggests that exercise is a key factor in order to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms. Early intervention of specific exercises has been found to drive positive neuro-plastic changes within the brain – resulting in improved function and slowing the progression of the disease; as well as improving long-term adherence to exercise.

Further to this implementation of such exercise programs have shown to improve quality of life and self-efficacy, depression, fatigue and bodily discomfort.

Classes are run by a physiotherapist who guide you through the specifically designed exercises in a circuit style format.

The exercises are designed to be completed with high effort, intensity and amplitude; moving through each exercise with intention, precision and control. Moving like this is what drives the brains ability to re-wire and protect itself in order to slow the progression of the disease – which is what makes PD Warrior different from ‘general’ exercise.

7 core principles:
• Meaningful
• Complex
• Powerful
• Frequency
• High effort
• Specificity

Cost of activity:

PD Warrior costs £140.00 for 10 sessions

For more information contact:

Katy Saunders

01962 779796