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What is AMADEO®?

AMADEO simulates the natural grasping motion and executes automated movement sequences. Depending on the degree of neurological damage, the patient can be treated passively or actively. The therapist can devise a therapy program suited for the individual patient. AMADEO also has a sensory stimulation function where vibration sense can be applied to the limb prior to performing active or passive movement to increase sensory awareness. AMADEO can be programmed to respond to movement or force control, allowing work on both range of movement and strength.

Who Can Benefit From Using AMADEO®?

Individuals with impaired hand function resulting from neurological injury such as stroke, head injury or spinal cord injury. The AMADEO can be used at all stages of the rehabilitation journey.

How Does AMADEO® Work?

The hand is attached via magnets on each finger which attach to finger sliders. After assessing active range of motion, individual force for each finger, tone and spasticity, the therapist can create an individual therapy plan. The individual can work as actively as possible, and the AMADEO will assist any movements that they are unable to perform. All functions are linked to a display screen which provides visual feedback for the individual, and a number of games are available which are designed to motivate patients.

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What to Expect

The device forms part of a rehabilitation programme for upper limb weakness. It is usually used in conjunction with conventional upper limb neurophysiotherapy rather than in isolation. It is often used in partnership with other Tyromotion devices such as PABLO, TYMO and DIEGO.

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