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What is EsoGLOVE?

The EsoGLOVE is a neurorehabilitation system utilising soft robotic technology. The system is designed to allow patients to carry out upper limb rehabilitation with multiple training modes such as passive training, active-assisted range of motion training and bilateral training.

Who Can Benefit From Using EsoGLOVE?

Individuals with impaired hand function resulting from neurological injury such as stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury. The EsoGLOVE can be used at all stages during the rehabilitation journey.

How Does EsoGLOVE Work?

The EsoGLOVE is a portable wearable device for hand and upper limb rehabilitation. The passive training mode enables mobilisation and stretching to the hand in cases where the individual has significant weakness or increased tightness in the hand. The active assisted training mode supports the individual to train the hand more actively, allowing the user to initiate the movement and providing facilitation to achieve full range. Additionally the EsoGLOVE offers functional task training which allows users to train their entire upper limb to complete functional tasks and activities.

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The EsoGLOVE can build part of your treatment plan as an outpatient and/or part of your intensive rehabilitation programme

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