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What is GripAble?

The GripAble is a small sensor-based device used for hand rehabilitation, suitable for individuals with weakness or reduced range of movement in their fingers, hand and wrist. The device is extremely portable and can be used within inpatient, outpatient and home environments. After initial set-up, the device can be used either independently or with care support to increase the use of the hand to maximise potential recovery. The device was developed through work conducted at Imperial College London.

Who Can Benefit From Using GripAble?

Individuals with sensory impairment, muscle weakness or neglect of the hand and wrist, looking to increase activity in order to drive improved control of the hand and upper limb function.

How Does GripAble Work?

The GripAble uses accurate and sensitive force and motion sensors to detect a person’s efforts to squeeze/release the device, and movements of the wrist. The device processes this information to enable interaction with a number of games displayed on a tablet. Repetitive performance of the tasks and progression of the difficulty leads to improved ability.

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The GripAble can build part of your treatment plan as an inpatient, outpatient and/or part of your intensive rehabilitation programme.

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