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What is MyoPro?

The MyoPro is an EMG (Electromyography) triggered, upper limb, powered orthosis. It provides active assistance for bending and straightening the elbow and opening and closing the fingers.

It is intended to be a ‘neuro prosthesis’ meaning that after developing proficiency the Myopro user is able to complete functional tasks while wearing the orthosis that they could not do without it. It is therefore available for purchase as a bespoke item for home use.

The MyoPro also has potential as a rehabilitation tool. Following intensive use of the device, it has been found that movement and function of the impaired arm shows improvement when the device is not worn, meaning the device has a training effect. The therapeutic benefits have been shown to include: Increased range of movement, increased strength, decreased tone/spasticity, decreased muscle co-contractions, improved selective muscle control and decreased compensatory movements e.g. ‘shoulder hiking’.

Who Can Benefit From Using MyoPro?

The MyoPro can benefit people who have weakness, loss of active range of motion or poor control of their arm due to damage to the nervous system, as long as there are some EMG signals generated by the user from muscles in the upper arm or forearm. The nerve damage can be either in the limb itself, the spinal cord or the brain. This means that people with a range of conditions can benefit, for example:

• Peripheral nerve injuries such as a brachial plexus injury (BPI)
• Stroke or brain injury
• Spinal Cord Injury

How Does MyoPro Work?

The Myopro detects the electrical signals from active muscles, through small sensors on the surface of the skin, even when no movement is possible. The device magnifies these signals and uses them to drive the motors in the device to move the elbow and hand. This myoelectric control strategy is not electrical stimulation and has been used for decades in the prosthetics industry.

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What to Expect

Hobbs Rehabilitation was the first organisation in the UK to offer the MyoPro within its rehabilitation programmes. It is available as part of your rehabilitation across our centres in two different pathways:

Purchase of the device: Following a successful initial assessment, Hobbs Rehabilitation recommends a 1-week trial of the clinic MyoPro. If at this point improvement and functional change is apparent a user can choose to be measured for a bespoke device which will be manufactured and fitted for ongoing long-term use.

Builds part of your treatment plan: The MyoPro can be used as part of a rehabilitation package of treatment. Hobbs Rehabilitation offers inpatient and outpatient services where the MyoPro could be used as a standalone treatment or combined with hands-on treatment and other technology to deliver a high-intensity treatment programme. The packages aim to reduce the severity of impairments of the upper limb and improve independent upper limb function.

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