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Immersive virtual reality solution with sensor technology
What is NeuroVirt?

NeuroVirt harnesses the power of immersive virtual reality to gamify and quantify motion rehabilitation and recovery. It is designed to support upper limb recovery from a neurological condition through the use of innovative and engaging games. The movements practised in the games reflect arm and hand movements required in real-life activities of daily living. The games have been designed with therapists to ensure that all movements are meaningful and appropriate. The programme of games is tailored to the individual and closely monitored by a therapist. 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that an individual can interact with and explore. In a virtual reality experience, users are immersed in a synthetic, digital environment that is often designed to replicate aspects of the real world or to create entirely fictional settings.

NeuroVirt is primarily designed to treat neurological upper limb deficits. However, the device can also be used under therapy guidance to support vision, cognition and language rehabilitation.

The therapist introduces patients to the virtual environment, discusses specific goals, and selects suitable games. The devices are initially used within a Hobbs Rehabilitation outpatient centre but they can then be taken home to use with a prescribed activity list. The therapist can remotely monitor activity and modify the activity list as needed for patient progress.

There are two available treatment options for the use of NeuroVirt within your rehabilitation. 

In a Centre

You can receive face-to-face outpatient treatment using the device at one of our centres (Intensive Neurotherapy Centre/Winchester) alongside a Hobbs Rehabilitation clinician with an end-of-package evaluation featuring outcome measures and future planning.


NeuroVirt is available to rent for home use. Alongside renting out the device, you will have access to virtual progress reviews with a Hobbs Rehabilitation clinician and a face-to-face end-of-package evaluation featuring outcome measures and future planning.

Follow-up sessions will be available to book for both face-to-face and virtual treatment.

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Half the image showing patient using the virtual reality headset, NeuroVirt and the left handside showing what the patient sees within the headset, which is a virtual desert reality with 5 strings going to the horizon and notes coming towards him with a paddle to hit the notes.
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