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Strolll Joins Hobbs Rehabilitation with an Augmented Reality Solution for Neurological Conditions

November 23, 2023

New service launch

Hobbs Rehabilitation is thrilled to announce the introduction of a new neurotechnology device, Reality DTx® by Strolll. This remarkable innovation stands as the world’s first patented augmented reality (AR) solution, designed specifically for cueing therapy and gamified exercises aimed at enhancing gait, improving balance, and reducing fall risks for individuals living with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. Powered by commercially available Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Reality DTx® offers a new dimension of progress for our patients, by providing real-time feedback and an engaging, gamified approach to their rehabilitation.

At Hobbs Rehabilitation, our commitment is to continuously explore and implement the most effective approaches to enhance the quality of life for our patients.

The Reality DTx is available to use right now at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East and Winchester. Register your interest in using Strolll’s device as part of your rehabilitation by contacting us at 01962 779796 or via the online form.

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