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Patient Story


June 7, 2023

Ethan has a rare blood clotting disorder which caused difficulties at birth, resulting in Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, and associated visual impairment, speech delay, and additional learning and sensory needs.

As he learned to move, Ethan’s legs became very tight and stiff but with intensive physiotherapy from Hobbs Rehabilitation Paediatrics service, Botox injections and use of his Mollii Suit, Ethan continues to make great progress and gain new skills. He practises independent walking with his quad sticks every day and can push himself along in his wheelchair at speed!

Ethan’s weekly physiotherapy sessions work to increase his leg strength, balance and range of movement, but his parents continue to implement his physio principles into his daily life… he loves cycling, swimming, horse riding and soft play and is a proud big brother to his baby sister, showing her how to do anything active! In addition, the family means a re-jig of the house and he will soon be spending time with his dad in the new gym, the treadmill being his favourite. Intensity, activity, determination.

Ethan’s first bunk bed has helped him reach new heights… he loves to climb the ladder, organising his body as he goes and this has (of course) inspired him to take on a new hobby, para-climbing.

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