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Virtual Reality Solution, NeuroVirt, Joins Hobbs Rehabilitation for Stroke and Other Neurological Conditions

December 4, 2023

New service launch

Virtual reality holds tremendous promise in addressing various symptoms associated with neurological conditions. NeuroVirt’s immersive and adaptive nature proves beneficial in tackling challenges such as motor skills impairment, cognitive deficits, and sensory issues. This technology aims to provide personalised and engaging rehabilitation experiences, transcending traditional boundaries and offering a new path to neurological recovery. After several months of co-design, research and development between The MiNT Academy and NeuroVirt, Hobbs Rehabilitation is proud to announce the introduction of NeuroVirt, a virtual reality (VR) device, into clinical practice.

Carolina Bell, Business and Finance Lead at NeuroVirt adds “We are thrilled to witness the fruition of our collaborative journey with Hobbs Rehabilitation [and The MiNT Academy], from the early stages of prototyping to the realisation of our groundbreaking product now entering the market. Working hand in hand with Hobbs Rehabilitation throughout co-design, research, and development, has been an incredibly rewarding experience for NeuroVirt.”

“Seeing Hobbs Rehabilitation embrace and integrate the NeuroVirt service into their clinics is a testament to the shared vision and dedication that fuelled our partnership and a transformative step towards enhancing patient care and outcomes. We are excited about the positive changes NeuroVirt will bring to Hobbs Rehabilitation centres across the south of England and, ultimately, to the individuals whose lives will be touched by this cutting-edge technology”

A Collaborative VR Neurorehabilitation Solution between The MiNT Academy and NeuroVirt

The MiNT Academy, which was developed by clinicians at Hobbs Rehabilitation, provides an innovative educational platform to encourage clinicians to embed neurotechnology into their clinical practice. Passionate about getting the best technology available to drive better outcomes for their patients, our team at The MiNT Academy will also collaborate with product developers at the design stage to produce clinically relevant products. Our experts demonstrate issues in real-time with real patients (those with neurological conditions interested in clinical trials can sign up via themintacademy.co.uk/research-consent – it is not a requirement to be a Hobbs Rehabilitation patient) and influence better product design and effectiveness. The results are better neurotechnology, which clinicians have helped to create, for patients who have had the opportunity to try out and improve the usefulness of the devices. Hobbs Rehabilitation responded to requests from engineers and product developers for collaboration at the initial design stages, rather than waiting for the end product, which often did not respond to the needs of the patient. 

Hobbs Rehabilitation will be providing two available treatment options for NeuroVirt rehabilitation. There will be availability for face-to-face treatment or you will be able to rent NeuroVirt for home use. For more details head over to hobbsrehabilitation.co.uk/neurotechnology/neurovirt.

NeuroVirt is available from January 2024, at Hobbs Rehabilitation Intensive Neurotherapy Centre and Winchester. Register your interest now in using NeuroVirt’s device as part of your rehabilitation by contacting us at 01962 779796 or via the online form.

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