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May 5, 2023

My wife suffered a severe stroke at the tender age of 46. As you can imagine this came as a massive shock to us all especially as she didn’t participate in any of the things you may associate with a stroke. After a fraught first week in Southampton Hospital she was transferred closer to home to Poole Hospital. After 3 months of excellent care from the team at Poole, we managed to secure funding from the NHS for her to spend 4 months at Bramshott Grange at Liphook, Hampshire. The decision making process wasn’t an easy one but when we saw what Hobbs Rehabilitation could offer, it was made far easier knowing she would get the intensive therapy she needed.

The stroke had affected the right side off the body and unfortunately her speech too. She was also diagnosed with dyspraxia and aphasia. (Dyspraxia is a co-ordination problem and Aphasia is a difficulty with language, common in injuries to the left hand side of the brain)

From the moment we walked through the doors we felt at home and part of the Hobbs family. This made the distance that would now be between us easier. Due to living in Dorset some 80 miles away, daily visiting was out of the question, so other forms of communication and updates were vital to keep the family in the loop. Emails, phone calls and even video calls were on offer to ensure that this was kept up. Videos and photos were also sent to the family to show progress. In the midst of Covid-19, the guys were great and kept us informed of everything going on. They have been caring, showing great compassion, empathy, professionalism and most of all hard work with a sense of humour to maintain the standard that they are known for.

With 2 months left, there was already a huge improvement with my wife’s recovery. Walking with a stick, walking stairs and speech slowly coming back, but most of all, on a good day, smiles and laughter. It has been tough for all involved and still is. I wouldn’t want to wish this on anyone.

But now she’s home! I’m sat on the sofa 5 days in with Debs home, where she so wanted to be and belongs is testament to not only her hard work and determination but Hobbs’, too. If I allow myself to think back to the day of the stroke, I honestly thought the outcome would have been far darker. All the fore mentioned qualities eased the worry and heart ache for the family too. Firstly, the uncertainty of the outcome and, secondly, the distance from home and later on Covid-19. The level of professionalism was clear for all to see from the start. Again, it made the thought of Debs being somewhere uncertain, far away and different that much more comfortable.

“Thank you” seems so inadequate to all of you for all the hard work you have put in to get Debs back home. I’ve never been happier to have the dining table covered with all of her crafting stuff! Everyone that has played a part in Deb’s care, recovery and rehabilitation – we will always be in your debt and more importantly will be classed as part of our extended family. The family are fully aware the journey is far from over but with the professional help and care, Deb’s determination, along with the love of her family and friends, I have no doubt she will recover to where she wants to. Please continue to do what you do best – and that is to give people the opportunity to strive to theIr best abilities and excel in life.

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