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June 7, 2023

Derek is a rugby man… a family man… a keen cyclist and an all-round do-er. Whilst doing what he does, he was struck down by a massive stroke. The vibrant, active world he knew shrunk overnight to the confines of a hospital bed and the journey from there to the outside world and beyond has been uphill all the way. He has approached his rehab with the expectation that he is not destined to remain where he was, there is potential for more and more and more… and he’s right.

Throughout his rehab at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, Derek has shown incredible spirit and has really embraced the whole range of tools available to him, including taking part in a study on the Alter-G Bionic Leg which Hobbs ran with the University of Winchester looking at how much the bionic leg improves activity levels and cardiovascular health.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) has been used to great effect, maximising his potential on his bike (he recently cycled around the Isle of Wight) and Derek has also returned to work. The intensity and repetitive training are key factors.

Specific, targeted exercise programmes and working with a personal trainer to drill down into the detail of functional improvement alongside his physiotherapy has been key to the success of Derek’s rehab. Derek is now coaching the youth rugby team and has got back to running, a massive achievement and personal ‘YES’ moment…

Derek is a man who needs a plan… his goal was to compete in all three disciplines in a triathlon and so when the Superhero Triathlon event in August was floated as an idea, he led the way. Charging forward on his bike setting the pace, the brilliant Adrian ran for the team and Beverley Ball, a specialist neurological physiotherapist, did the swim for Hobbs Rehabilitation South East.

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