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Patient Story

Jemima Green

May 5, 2023

Jemima had a serious car accident resulting in a T10 complete spinal cord injury.

Paralysed from the waist down with severe abdominal injuries, Jemima struggled with the reality of her new circumstances. Having been a Head Girl, Second Rider for a top Eventer, as well as Eventing her own horses, she has used that ambition and determination to motivate her through the tough times.
For Jemima, rehabilitation is a full-time commitment and the results are speaking for themselves. She is now a grade 2 Para Dressage Rider, and she credits her strength training and rehab progression, and a great team, for making this possible.

She has weekly neurological and sports physiotherapy, trains in the Eksobionics exoskeleton, does pilates and rides 3-4 times every week… there’s an awful lot of strength required for that! But it doesn’t end there… she became a UK ambassador for the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton, travelling the UK and beyond showcasing the benefits of the exoskeleton as a rehab tool.
“It’s amazing. From day one I decided I wanted to get as physically fit as I can be and I have found the exoskeleton great for aerobic exercise, for getting the blood flowing and building bone density, and for balance,” she said.
“That’s important to me because I want to work on core strength and balance for horse riding. It’s a really good form of exercise for me.”

Jemima also did the Run In The Dark 5K event held by the Mark Pollock Trust at Battersea Park but nowadays, it’s all about Para Dressage!

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