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May 5, 2023

John sailing on a yacht in a lake

John has been coming for regular outpatient physiotherapy at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, ever since his spinal cord injury in 2015. We have worked together with the NHS community and short stay inpatient services to increase the intensity of his rehabilitation.

Initially, John required full assistance with daily activities. He, his wife Janet and his carers are hugely committed to his rehabilitation, working hard in every session to improve his posture and core stability. He has a tailored exercise programme and a visit to home which allowed us to progress with his cardiovascular equipment.

John now has a much more active role in his daily activities; he has progressed from standing up with assistance to managing this himself. He took his first steps back in February 2017 with an electric standing
aid and the assistance of 3 people. Gradually, John has been able to walk with a Zimmer frame and then onto walking poles with the supervision of one person and is now walking with a single stick! John was extremely pleased to be able to practise going up and down steps in the gym, something he often joked about in the early months of coming to therapy.

He really has made remarkable improvements and can now do the stairs at home independently, a major triumph. John’s determination and motivation proved fruitful when he attempted to get back on board a Sailing Boat;

He showed no fear in being assisted with hoist equipment to the boat and then took to the water.
This Christmas, John stood and carved the turkey, a special moment for he and Janet, as they reflect upon when John was paralysed from the neck down. The hard work continues to pay off…

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