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Hobbs Rehabilitation Joins IISART as the First Independent UK Provider

October 6, 2023

Image: Helen Hobbs, Director and Co-Founder, Hobbs Rehabilitation, Dr Martina Speiss, Outgoing President, IISART

Hobbs Rehabilitation is the first UK company to be elected as a member of IISART, the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology.

IISART’s mission is to advance and promote modern healthcare technology in rehabilitation for the benefit of the patient and society at large. IISART represents the interests of developers, manufacturers, and marketers of medical devices and their accessories, active capital medical equipment, and healthcare providers in the field of Robotics, Virtual Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation. Hobbs Rehabilitation, the largest independent rehabilitation provider in the UK, shares this mission and seeks to provide interdisciplinary rehabilitation with access to the latest in advanced neurotechnology, to contribute to educational resources for the development of clinical excellence and to drive further access to these at an international and strategic level. IISART is a co-organizer of RehabWeek, a week-long event, held biennially that brings together different conferences in the field of rehabilitation technology at the same time and place in order to foster cross-disciplinary communication and the development of relationships between different players.

This year, as well as Hobbs Rehabilitation officially joining IISART as a member, The MiNT Academy were proud to deliver a range of activities including industry workshops, seminar sessions and poster presentations, winning the 10th place award for their speech and language therapy poster that was created in collaboration with Beautiful Voice.

Helen Hobbs comments “We look forward to playing a dynamic role within IISART in collaborating with other members and are excited to build upon our future relationship and encourage other clinicians who are yet to join the network to do so.” Dr. Martina Speiss, outgoing IISART President said “Starting to include rehab providers alongside the manufacturers has been one of the most important changes that we made in the recent past… this fits perfectly with the spirit of interprofessional communication which is at the core of everything IISART does. Hobbs in itself is already doing this, therefore they are a truly perfect fit. Also, Hobbs is very strong in education, which is a huge benefit for IISART”

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About Hobbs Rehabilitation

Founded by Nicky Ellis and Helen Hobbs in 2005, Hobbs Rehabilitation offers a full interdisciplinary service covering adult and paediatric physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology and much more. Operating from many centres across the south of England with a team of over 100 clinicians, Hobbs Rehabilitation provides a co-ordinated patient centred, goal-orientated service.

Hobbs Rehabilitation has also launched The MiNT Academy in 2022. The MiNT Academy provides an innovative educational platform to encourage clinicians to embed neurotechnology into their clinical practice and product developers to collaborate at the design stage to produce clinically relevant products.

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