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February 14, 2024

South East


My placement at Hobbs was a unique opportunity to work in a cohesive MDT to achieve patients goals in the subacute part of their journey. Being able to discuss topics, patients, and ideas with specialist physios, psychologists, and SLTs really deepened my understanding of how all these professions come together and their boundaries with OT. The cohesion between professionals developed my understanding of how all of these professions complement and feed into each other. I enjoyed the level of creativity employed by OTs at Hobbs to be reflexive to their patient’s needs. It was important for me to understand the limitations of the placement in a private setting before starting. However, I did not feel these limitations impeded my growth at Hobbs. The service improvement project, in partnership with REMAP, facilitated greater participation and understanding of Hobbs and the climate in which it exists. The service delivery project worked really well as part of the placement as it required me to communicate with other sites and consider how Hobbs would interact with an external service. Occupational therapy at Hobbs is a special space that honours the OT profession; clinicians are creative, inventive, and truly patient-led in their approach to supporting patients’ goals. Occupational justice is at the core of OT service at Hobbs, collaboratively exploring access, identity and joy with patients. I found the skills/services available at Hobbs, from neurotech to environmental adaptations, whilst vast, never lose sight of the patient and their objectives.

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