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January 16, 2024



Dear Melissa and Chrissie, a quick note to say thank you for your expert guidance through the LSVT speech programme. It was interesting to hear the difference, before and after of my speech projection. Friends and family have all had positive comments on how different I sound in conversation, one-on-one and on the telephone. Yes, the LSVT programme is intensive and needs to be done to gain benefit. Plus it gives you the tools to continue the AH’s therapy in the short term and the future. I would recommend the LSVT programme through Hobbs to anyone with Parkinson’s speech issues. p.s. THINK LOUD p.p.s Sue agrees with everything Martin has said above, but would like to add as his wife, that I was sceptical at first, but as time went on I could gradually hear the difference. Yes, he got tired and felt I am sure, he could maybe give up, but he kept going and we are both grateful and pleased he did. Once again thank you, Mel and Chrissie.

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