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Placing You at the Centre of Care


May 4, 2023


My stepfather is currently under your care at your residential inpatient service. My family and I visited for lunch and I attended a physio session with him afterwards. This was with one of your colleagues called Amie. I think she is amazing at her job and it is reassuring to know that the physio he is receiving is highly professional. Amy had clearly studied his medical notes because it wasn’t until the end of the session when she said ‘It was nice to meet you’ that I realised this was their first session together. I was amazed. The way in which Amie tended to him came across as if he had been a client for years. It was very clear from the outset that Amie understood the individual in front of her and the session was bespoke to his needs from the very start. Her manner and approach were spot on and despite the potential awkwardness that these scenarios can bring she made the session very comfortable. She was clear in her instructions and we all knew where we stood.

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