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Hobbs Rehabilitation and MiNT represented at the European Congress of Neurorehabilitation

September 1, 2023

Specialist Neurological and Research Physiotherapist Alison Watt, The MiNT Academy Lead, travelled to Lyon to present at the European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation. The presentation,  “Achieving Patient Goals through Technology Application: A Case Study Review and Exploration of Data-Based Outcomes” at the IISART Symposium, was in collaboration with fellow IISART members, Martina Speiss and Sarah Lim. 

IISART is the International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation, of which Hobbs Rehabilitation is the only UK rehabilitation provider to be a member. They were able to share industry-specific experiences and ambitions with a forward-thinking audience at ENCR and bring to life real examples of how their work as device developers, researchers and engineers has tangible impacts on the lives of patients and their families.

Our presentation delivered an analysis of the challenges that data presents us with in neuro rehab and the opportunities we can meet for our patients using tools such as the MiNT Logbook. 

The MiNT logbook is a newly developed resource, created by industry experts at MiNT and tech2people, a German therapy company with data science credentials. The idea came into discussion after MiNT collaborated with various neurotech developers and realised that the data is not there to support clinicians in deciding which piece of equipment they should use for which patient and at which time in their rehabilitation journey. There is no mechanism to gather data from the various parties and to share it effectively for a common purpose.

Ali Watt tells us “We are all collecting data for slightly different reasons and it is no surprise that it comes in various forms, presentations and sets of information. But there is some common data that all parties need. We want to explore relationships between data sets and find this common information, prioritising it and ensuring that it is relevant to patients – which means it needs to be indicative of whether or not they have achieved their goals once their work leaves their lab or manufacturing processes.”

The MiNT logbook will help shape the future of product development and device application in the neurotech industry. Once available, it will be accessible to clinicians who have completed Level 1 and, the soon to be launched, Levels 2 and 3 of The MiNT Academy clinical educational courses, as well as to all MiNT members for data entry purposes.

To be amongst the first to gain access to this innovative software, sign up to become a MiNT member, it’s free!

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