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Speech and Language Therapy at Hobbs Rehabilitation

October 6, 2023

Hobbs Rehabilitation’s specialist Speech and Language Therapy service (also known as Speech Therapy) provides life-changing support for adults and children who experience difficulties with a range of speech, language, communication, voice and swallowing.

Chrissy Bibby, Specialist Neurological Speech and Language Therapist has worked in the field of adult-acquired neurological speech and language therapy for over 10 years, initially in the NHS before joining Hobbs Rehabilitation, where she now leads the speech and language therapy team. To support our wide range of patients, Chrissy has recruited a dedicated team of specialist Speech and Language Therapists who are highly experienced in all areas of neurological Speech and Language Therapy and are members of RCSLT.

Our Speech and Language Therapy service comprises a range of specialist individual therapies that can be tailored to suit each patient depending on their individual requirements and goals.

Speech Therapy:

Our team specialises in a range of techniques to enhance communication skills. These include muscle-strengthening exercises, coordination improvement activities, exercises for enhancing volume and breath control, the application of LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) tailored for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and the implementation of compensatory strategies to enhance speech clarity.

Language Therapy:

Specialised strategies and practices are designed to aid in various aspects of language skills, including word finding, fluency, writing, reading, and listening. We tailor our interventions to address individual patient needs, fostering improved language comprehension and expression across these critical areas.

Communication Therapy:

Our experienced team is dedicated to working closely with you to assist you in building and developing the necessary skills for smoother and more effective communication with others. Together, we aim to empower you with the tools and techniques needed to enhance your communication abilities and enrich your interactions with those around you.

Swallowing Therapy:

Our skilled therapists are here to assist you in identifying safe and effective methods to manage swallowing difficulties. This includes the implementation of appropriate exercises and treatments tailored to enhance your swallowing function when suitable. Your well-being and comfort are our top priority, and we are committed to helping you overcome these challenges for an improved quality of life.

Chrissy comments: “The Speech and Language Therapy team at Hobbs Rehabilitation has grown immensely over the past few years. What just started out as a team of 2 in 2015 is now a thriving team of 11 Speech Therapists working across the south of England.  We work with the intensive outpatient services in Hobbs South East in Liss and Hobbs Winchester, plus inpatients at Liss, Bournemouth, Salisbury and Lambourn.  We are proud to be continuing to work with the NHS too, seeing around 70 NHS patients a month in the New Forest with our contract with the NHS. We can benefit our clients with swallowing problems, communication difficulties – both speech and language, and people with facial palsy, and we have a growing service for people with voice disorders now, thanks to our voice specialist Katharine joining our team. Over the coming months, I want to see our voice and facial palsy services grow further, and employ a speech therapist at our Bristol site, as the clients and the other staff will benefit from having a speech therapist in the team, because communication is central to life, in my opinion!”

Hobbs Rehabilitation’s Speech and Language Therapy is available as an outpatient from one of our centres or online, as an inpatient or through home visits. If you would like to start your Hobbs Rehabilitation journey and discover how our specialist neurological speech and language therapy can improve your quality of life by enhancing your speech, language, communication, voice, and swallowing abilities please complete a contact form on our website.

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