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Enhancing Neurotherapy with MyoPro at Hobbs Rehabilitation

October 16, 2023

Neurological patient using the MyoPro device by American company Myomo

At Hobbs Rehabilitation, our commitment to offering the latest rehabilitation technology reflects our dedication to improving the patient experience increasing therapeutic intensity and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. We recently hosted a two-day event at the Hobbs Rehabilitation Intensive Neurotherapy Centre in collaboration with the American company Myomo. The event aimed to showcase Myomo’s cutting-edge neurotechnology device, MyoPro, and to explore ways to expand our MyoPro service within Hobbs Rehabilitation and nationally.

Introducing the MyoPro

The MyoPro is an ElectroMyography (EMG) triggered upper limb-powered orthosis designed to enhance the range of motion, grip and functional use of an upper limb affected by damage to the nervous system. It achieves this by detecting the user’s muscle signals in the arm, even when movement is limited. The device amplifies these signals to drive the motors in the MyoPro, enabling controlled movement of the elbow and hand. This myoelectric control strategy is not electrical stimulation and has been used for decades in the prosthetics industry.

Hobbs Rehabilitation first started working with Myomo in the Autumn of 2018. We reached out to Myomo to be involved in one of the very first MiNT events, which is now recognisable as the biennial event, MiNT UK. We were impressed with the MyoPro system when we ran patient trials and were the first organisation in the UK to begin working with the device (the MyoPro is not available through the NHS).

Conditions appropriate for use of the MyoPro: 

• Stroke 

• Spinal Cord Injury 

• Brachial Plexus injury 

• Acquired Brain Injury 

• Cerebral Palsy 

• Guillain Barre syndrome

Hobbs Rehabilitation’s MyoPro Service

Hobbs Rehabilitation offers a comprehensive MyoPro service, including a free initial trial, a detailed 3 hour assessment with reports for case managers, bespoke device fitting in collaboration with the UK distributor, and follow-up rehabilitation service. Our users can access the device intensively on an inpatient or outpatient basis and we provide clinical support to device purchasers and their local therapists. 

At the recent event, Jon Naft, Senior Executive Consultant for Myomo, flew in from the US to introduce delegates to MyoPro and gave a live patient demonstration. Laura Marriott, Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist, provided a detailed overview of the current UK MyoPro pathway, Hobbs Rehabilitation’s role within the pathway, and determined efforts to streamline our joint processes. This includes avoiding duplication, ensuring consistent messaging about therapy provision and directing complex neuro patients to Hobbs Rehabilitation for initial assessments. Our goal, along with Myomo, is to create a more efficient and effective service for all patients seeking MyoPro and related treatments.

The MiNT Academy Collaboration

Alison Watt, The MiNT Academy lead, introduced MiNT (Masterclass in Neurotechnology) during the MyoPro showcase event. MiNT is an online clinical educational platform where clinicians can become members of a growing network of neurotechnology enthusiasts, users and specialists. Delegates were introduced to the concept of Levels 2 & 3 of MiNT education, where members will select a specific device to learn more about, from the setup basics to clinical application.

Level 2, like Level 1, which is currently available, will be free to access and delivered entirely online. After completion, clinicians have the option to enrol on a paid Level 3 course for the same device. Level 3 offers face-to-face training delivered by a MiNT Clinical Device Trainer. Clinicians will get hands-on experience with the device, develop their clinical reasoning, and apply it to a patient. After the course, a 3 month logbook will be completed and reviewed with their trainer to certify Level 3 Clinical Device Users.

The Future with Myomo

Hobbs Rehabilitation is excited about our partnership with Myomo and the potential it holds for the future. We are dedicated to continually evolving and expanding our MyoPro service to offer our patients the best in neurorehabilitation technology. We’re on a mission to create a more efficient and effective pathway for individuals seeking MyoPro and related treatment alongside the endless possibilities that lie ahead with MiNT collaborations. Join us on this incredible journey of progress, and stay connected with Hobbs Rehabilitation and The MiNT Academy to be the first to know about the exciting developments to come.

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