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Neurological Rehabilitation in Liss

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Outpatient & Community Rehabilitation

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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hobbs Rehabilitation South East in Liss is located near Petersfield in Hampshire. Established in 2011, our centre in Liss stands as the central hub for our renowned specialist Concussion Clinic. We also provide vestibular and neurological rehabilitation, including intensive therapy packages. With a strong commitment to accessibility, our centre offers full disabled access and ample free parking, ensuring convenience for all our patients. Our facilities include spacious rehabilitation gyms, equipped with the latest advancements in neurotechnology, courtesy of the OMEGO from Tyromotion, as well as providing private treatment rooms and a dedicated paediatric space. 

Neurological Services in Liss

Hobbs Rehabilitation provides neurological rehabilitation enhanced by neurotechnology for conditions requiring neurological rehabilitation at Liss, Hampshire. 

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Aquatic Physiotherapy

Utilise the water environment with access to the hydrotherapy pool at Winchester Sport & Leisure Park

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Clinical Neuropsychology

Address cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes that can result from a neurological condition or injury.

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Exercise Groups

Elevate your rehabilitation journey by staying active with our groups and additional activities.

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Increase the number of repetitions to unlock your potential with cutting-edge technology.

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Occupational Therapy

Guiding individuals to regain their independence and address challenges in daily life.

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Providing support and correction, addressing mobility, promoting proper posture and enhancing gait.

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Hands-on care and cutting-edge neurotechnology for children facing the challenges of a neurological condition.

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Improve balance and mobility and enhance muscle strength while reducing stiffness and pain.

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Rehabilitation Assistant

Supporting exercises and daily activities, guided by our therapists to enhance progress and well-being.

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Rehabilitation Medicine

Maximise functional independence and elevate quality of life with a specialist consultant.

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Speech and Language

Help with speech, swallowing, written communication and non-verbal expression.

More Repetitions + Shorter Timespan = Better Results

Intensive rehabilitation available at Liss, Hampshire.

Services at South East

Outpatient | Community | Access to Inpatient

At Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, our multidisciplinary team provide outpatient therapies to support your neurological rehabilitation journey. Our team specialises in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation and a range of advanced neurotechnology equipment is onsite to ensure high-intensity therapy.

Inpatient rehabilitation is available via Hobbs Rehabilitation South East at Blenheim Court.

Hobbs Rehabilitation’s Concussion Clinic aims to support people post-concussion to optimise their recovery with an active rehabilitation approach. Concussions can cause a wide range of physical, cognitive and psychological symptoms. It requires a comprehensive assessment to guide the most effective treatment plan for the individual.

Learn More About Concussion Clinic

The exciting development of assistive neurotechnology and robotics has allowed clinicians to significantly increase the number of repetitions achieved during sessions and improve patient outcomes when therapy is given over a shorter period of time. Working intensively, you will start to make neuroplastic changes in your brain much quicker than conventional therapy and notice positive changes within weeks.

Intensive therapy includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation assistants.

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Our multidisciplinary team at Hobbs Rehabilitation South East deliver a variety of neurological therapies. Whether you have a long-term condition such as multiple sclerosis or are living with the effects of a stroke, spinal cord or brain injury or another neurological condition, our therapies are designed to help.

Our dedicated team are ready to assist you in navigating towards the optimal treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Neurological therapies at South East include:

For our younger patients, we have a dedicated paediatrics team committed to guiding infants, children and adolescents through their neurological conditions from birth to young adulthood, ensuring their holistic development and well-being. 

Hobbs Rehabilitation can help children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, brain injury,  post-concussion symptoms, rehabilitation following surgery (such as selective dorsal rhizotomy), balance and coordination difficulties, gait abnormalities and other neurological and neuromuscular conditions. 

Learn More About Paediatrics

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialised exercise-based treatment, targeting the primary symptoms of vestibular disorders to reduce dizziness and improve balance and overall physical function. Vestibular rehabilitation aims to improve the individual’s understanding of why their symptoms have persisted and reduce any secondary issues that may occur (reduced mobility, weakness, stiffness and reduced confidence). The overall goal is to help individuals return to their normal activities of daily living and improve their quality of life.

Learn More About Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Enquire today about any of our services or packages

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Your therapist will recommend the best course of treatment

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Once you have booked you will be ready to start your treatment plan.

Neurotechnology in Liss

Hobbs Rehabilitation South East is home to many pieces of advanced neurotechnology with access provided to our Blenheim Court inpatients

Conditions We Treat

In Liss, Hobbs Rehabilitation specialises in treating people post-concussion and with vestibular disorders as well as a wide range of neurological conditions. Whether you have a long-term neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis or are living with the effects of a stroke, spinal cord or brain injury, our services and packages are designed to help you see results.

Every brain injury is unique and can affect people in different ways. To provide an individualised package of brain injury rehabilitation which is tailored to suit your goals, an initial assessment is a good place to start. Your brain injury therapy could include a multidisciplinary approach involving neurological physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and clinical neuropsychologists and your suitability for intensive rehabilitation will be discussed with your therapist in your initial assessment.

At South East, you can access brain injury rehabilitation in the centre and suitability for community-based rehabilitation can be considered. South East also provides inpatient rehabilitation for brain injuries at Blenheim Court.

Learn More About Brain Injuries

Hobbs Rehabilitation South East provides continuous post-discharge rehabilitation for individuals recovering from spinal cord injuries, emphasising independence and functional improvement. Our multidisciplinary Spinal Cord Injury Service delivers intensive outpatient rehabilitation, tailored to the individual’s unique needs and goals. Community-based rehabilitation can be considered for those whose health condition prevents them from visiting our centre.

South East can provide inpatient rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries via Blenheim Court.

Learn More About Spinal Cord Injuries

National Clinical Guidance for Stroke states people with motor recovery goals undergoing rehabilitation after a stroke should receive a minimum of 3 hours of multidisciplinary therapy a day. Hobbs Rehabilitation South East provides intensive rehabilitation packages to help achieve patient-led goals post-stroke.

At South East, you can access stroke rehabilitation in the centre and suitability for community-based rehabilitation can be considered. South East also provides inpatient rehabilitation for stroke at Blenheim Court.

Learn More About Stroke

Evidence shows that high intensity and high levels of repetition of an activity enhance neuroplastic change and can therefore improve outcomes within long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s or motor neurone disease. South East works with patients to design a bespoke multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme to suit their individual needs and desired outcomes.

South East provides intensive rehabilitation in the centre and suitability for community-based rehabilitation can be considered. South East also provides inpatient rehabilitation for long-term conditions at Blenheim Court.

Learn More About Long-Term Neurological Conditions

At Hobbs Rehabilitation South East we treat a wide range of neurological conditions. If you are unsure or do not see your neurological condition listed please contact us and our team will help guide you to the best course of treatment.

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Blenheim Court 

Farnham Road, Liss GU33 6JA

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hobbs Rehabilitation provides multidisciplinary therapy at every stage of your recovery post-hospital stay

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Blenheim Court Liss | Hobbs Rehabilitation
Blenheim Court | Hobbs Rehabilitation

Respite and Rehabilitation

Hobbs Rehabilitation South East, along with our local care providers Caring Homes, provide specialist residential inpatient services with 24-hour nursing care, individualised therapy programmes and access to our multidisciplinary therapy including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and a rehabilitation consultant. 

Our inpatient services at Blenheim Court are suitable for people with neurological conditions and those who would respond to  specialist rehabilitation, and we can accept those who are medically stable but need specialist care such as PEG or who may need spasticity management or medication reviews.

What to Expect

A range of neurotechnology is available alongside hands-on therapy for integration of cognition, communication and motor and functional tasks. Hobbs Rehabilitation provide high dosage treatment which maximises the opportunity for neuroplasticity and results in better outcomes and reduced long-term care requirements.

Bespoke programmes are designed for each individual as well as an in-house activities programme provided in a luxurious home from home setting. 

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