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Hobbs Rehabilitation Join Spinal Injuries Association’s Business Membership Scheme

November 8, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Hobbs Rehabilitation are joining Spinal Injuries Association’s network of support for spinal cord injured (SCI) helping them to continue to fulfil their main aim: giving every SCI person access to the support they need for all aspects of their mind, body, and life.

“Hobbs Rehabilitation are passionate about neurological rehabilitation and are driven to provide the highest level of rehabilitation to individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury. We are dedicated to working with the individual to continue their rehabilitation journey supporting them to live an active and fulfilled life. SIA have a similar vision, and therefore Hobbs Rehabilitation are incredibly proud to be supporting their work. We look forward to meeting SIA’s members and network of partners in the future.”

Jo Blatherwick, SCI specialist physiotherapist

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