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MiNT UK 2023… A Success Story

March 3, 2023

The recent conference held at the Royal Society of Medicine was a huge success with delegates from all sectors excited to try the latest neurotechnology, share their work, and hear from the eminent speakers.  The message has been loud and clear and we have responded, keep your eye on our socials and sign up to our newsletter because we WILL run a MiNT 2024!

Our MiNT (Masterclass in Neurotechnology)  mission is to bridge the gap between industry, practitioners and patients. The packed agenda gave us an opportunity to share different perspectives on how to integrate current developments, research findings and the use of neurotechnology into a variety of environments, across the NHS and clinical practice.

Without doubt, the star of the show was Graham Cooper, our expert patient, who delivered a witty and immersive insight to his experience of living with the impacts of Stroke and how intensive therapy at Hobbs Rehabilitation has hugely benefited his life.

The day brought together representatives from all parties to problem solve how we change the current status of individuals from the UK and the rest of the Rehab world working independently, to speak as one voice and to harness that influence.  Many commented that this message needs to reach the government and our NHS.

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Jen Mellows, Operations Lead from Hobbs Rehabilitation told us “We want the NHS commissioners and those setting the guidelines on what constitutes rehabilitation and what does not, and what constitutes healthcare technology, to recognise and provide for the importance of neurotechnology, and access to it, so that the right rehab is provided to the right patients at the right time. That has to include conversations with the Department of Health, Health Education England, NICE; the regulators and, commissioners at the NHS but also the private rehab providers and industry.  At ground level, clinicians are using technology, developers are producing the technology, but it is not being recognised at a strategic level within the NHS, or a nationwide level, or internationally and that is what we are determined to change.  Over the past couple of years we have been talking to parties from other countries and they are taking these steps in their own environments.  MiNT is bridging the gap between these parties, harnessing our joint mission and using our collective voice to drive change”.

A vital element of our events is to network and meet with our sponsors and exhibitors who were available to showcase the latest neurotechnology devices, including VR, sensor-based and robotic solutions.

Feedback has strongly indicated that the time given at the conference to networking across the range of delegates has been invaluable. Meaningful conversations were had and productive relationships forged. The energy was infectious and people left excited by the upswing in momentum of a new approach being adopted more widely, with many hopeful that the message will be carried through to the NHS for the betterment of patient access to rehabilitation.

MiNT is for everyone working with or interested in neurotechnology – IDT clinicians, academics, researchers, case managers, engineers, technology developers, patients and companies. To find out how you can get involved, visit our website or email enquiries@themintacademy.co.uk.

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